Consulting is service not related to direct translation, but rather literary adaptation and beauty of the word during the translation. It is about working with correct terminology, correcting translations, studying the language and others.

The essence of the service is that we do not just translate terminology of the document but also ensure correct and appropriate perception in that particular language environment.

The most accurate and commonly used terminologies of the language being translated should be selected during linguistic researches with direct support and assistance of language experts. This ensures clear, correct and proper understanding of the document. This mainly concerns business documentation.

Marketing analysis services sometimes completely or partially change parts of the text to ensure better perception and also to make the text more attractive. “Direct” translation of promotional material often creates difficulties for perception and may not make necessary impact on the consumer.

Any language undergoes changes as mankind evolves. Some words are forgotten and others are replaced by new ones. And all this should be reflected in translations, especially when it concerns specific spheres: science, medicine and machinery as well as other spheres.

We also check brand names, various names to see whether the term is adequate and correctly understood. And if a big trade name is exploring new markets, consulting is a must to avoid any incidents with translation.
Ignoring such review is fraught with not only reduction in sales but also with a complete failure in that particular region.

Consulting also implies conducting tests and examining knowledge. Many companies want to hire an employee with a good knowledge of a particular language, and we are ready to provide such a service.