Oil and gas sector

Translations in the oil and gas industry, like in the sphere of information technologies, are quite big projects. This sector is also one of the priority areas of our company.

It is an economic sector where many foreign investors successfully set up their businesses. Of course, they have to correctly understand all aspects of cooperation with Kazakh counterparts. To achieve this, all the documents need to be translated and adapted. It requires the full cycle of work starting from the compilation of glossary and its coordination with the client down to the translation and localization of all technical, design, juridical and marketing documents.

Employees of the Mankent Company underwent special training in this field and are familiar with this topic. Nevertheless, they work in a team with specialists who have huge practical experience.

Experienced linguists are involved at each stage, because translation topics in this particular sphere are quite broad, starting from geological surveys, mining, technical specification for equipment down to marketing materials.
Linguistic activity is carried out mainly in the following areas.

Business documentation:

  • Business correspondence;
  • Contract documentation;
  • Financial documents;
  • Information about tenders;

Technical documentation:

  • Geological reports and dealing with them;
  • Exploration projects;
  • Project reports;
  • All kinds of drawings;
  • Instructions and specifications;
  • Presentations.
  • Promotional materials.


  • Guidelines and training documentation;
  • Regulations.

Any project in this field is very labor consuming and requires maximum concentration from the translation bureau. An individual work plan is developed for each client. Thanks to a concerted effort of the entire team, the Mankent Company fulfils assignments it undertakes ensuring high quality and meeting the deadlines.