Written translation

A major and the bulkiest part of our work is the written translation of large projects, in particular IT translations. This is our priority field of a big painstaking job, which demands that our team do more than just application of their linguistic skills.

We exercise long-term cooperation. And therefore partners who contact us can confidently recommend us to our new clients.

Any correspondence is translated with particular thoroughness. And confidentiality of any order is important for us. Therefore only addressees are aware of the content of the correspondence.

In any translation the Mankent Company uses not only excellent linguistic skills and modern technologies but also in-depth study and understanding of the sphere described in the project.

Often we have to translate specifically business correspondence. And in this sphere we have already developed canons and rules and they are regularly supplemented. And at times an inaccurately translated word or an expression becomes a disaster in the relations of business partners. One should also bear in mind particularities of cultural traditions of different nations.

As a rule, technical translation involves big projects. However we fulfil them observing all stages of checking and final modification. And of course we try to complete everything by agreed deadlines.
We are particularly interested in localization of websites, manuals and software user assistance contents. Our company has huge experience in this field.

One needs to treat education related translations with particular care.

  • articles in academic periodicals
  • reference books
  • educational literature
  • theses
  • manuals