High quality at low price

Translation agency “Mankent”

The company Mankent is one of the few big translation centers in Kazakhstan and in Central Asia. Our partners throughout the world know that we always fulfil commitments we undertake in a TIMELY MANNER, ensuring HIGH QUALITY and at REASONABLE prices.

Today Kazakhstan’s political and economic role in the world is much more significant than it was a few years ago. Our country has been hosting quite big international events. Interest is only growing. Of course it is impossible to work without properly and clearly understanding each other. Therefore our services are in demand.

We translated a major part of the software user assistance content of Microsoft Word 2007 and the documentation for the company SAP.

Our loyal customers are such brand names as:

  • Manufacturers of home appliances and cell phones LG, Samsung, HP, Lumia, Acer, Canon;
  • Producers of medications and medical equipment Invivo, DePuy, Philips Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Olympus, Elekta;
  • Manufacturers of vehicles John Deerе and Caterpillar Inc., and many others.

We also work with many legal firms. Practically any translation is connected with this sphere.

The Company Mankent translated literary works by foreign writers. This requires translators to become writers as well. We can take on projects in any field, be it technical or humanitarian areas.

Of course, like any developing team, we are not going to content ourselves with what we have achieved. Our specialists regularly undergo training, and not only in this sphere. They improve their skills in other fields too. By attending specialized events, our employees get to know new people and introduce new technologies.

Our specialists work practically with all languages of the world. Each translation is checked and proofread by experienced editors. We double-check files before submitting them.

The Company "Mankent" specializes in:

  • All types of written and oral translation.
  • Translation of various documents;
  • Assistance in the registration of legal entities on a turnkey basis (premises, all the registration related legal paperwork and etc.);
  • Certified translation;
  • Tourism;
  • Setting up and translation of websites/localization;
  • Translation of audio and video data storage devices;
  • Translation of large-scale and long-term projects;
  • Linguistic consulting;
  • Typography;
  • Promoting interests of partners in Kazakhstan and in former Soviet states;
  • Holding negotiations on the instructions and on behalf of the partner;
  • Preparation of business documentation with the help of company lawyers;
  • Holding meetings, talks and other events on the client’s order;
  • Developing business documentation;
  • Translation of and dealing with marketing materials of the client in English;
  • Translation services;
  • Receiving delegations of the partner, providing accommodation and creating normal conditions for work;
  • Other related services