Translations in the sphere of information technologies

Development of new technologies is penetrating our life more and more with every passing year. In recent years this move has been much more tangible. One of our first translations was exactly in the IT field. Since that time it has been one of the biggest spheres in the Mankent Company’s activity.

As a rule, it is not a document comprising few pages, but a large demanding project, which requires involvement of many specialists. This requires knowledge in many spheres. Therefore we have already arranged a streamlined working process within the shortest period of time.

Many IT companies, starting from such giants as Microsoft, SAP down to smaller clients, have become our long-term partners. Naturally, this too requires localization of the entire cycle of software. The team of our specialists can both expertly translate a sector-specific text, software user assistance content, or other technical document, as well as skillfully analyze and conduct a number of consultations with experienced specialists in that particular field.

Typically there are marketing documents, promotion materials, press releases and etcetera in addition to the technical part of IT materials. Of course, this too will be translated and adapted for the targeted audience.

The tried and tested scheme of measures with regard to information materials includes the following:

  1. Thoroughly studying all materials of the client and outlining basic plan of work.
  2. Developing solutions to tasks at all stages of the project.
  3. Setting up a project group comprising specialists who are familiar well with the subject of the project. The group includes translators, editors and consultants.
  4. In case of difference of opinions, the client is consulted. During the talks, an agreement is reached on key terminologies and stylistic forms commonly used in the company.
  5. Providing additional training in this sphere for people working on the project.

In this case, the complexity lies, at times, in unique terminology which should be conveyed across in the stage of translation and localization. To do this sometimes the client should be consulted on order to fully and properly convey the information on the project.

  • When translating it is necessary to ensure full compatibility of abbreviations and acronyms commonly used in that particular linguistic group.
  • Only specialists who have good knowledge of that specific field are involved in the work. Consultants and editors should have an extensive knowledge of that sphere and work in it.
  • Assignments are fulfilled by strictly observing terms of reference agreed upon with the client.

The client gets the whole package of documents of the translated project. No one else has the right to use data of this assignment. Strict confidentiality is observed between the Mankent translation bureau and its business partner.