Translation and localization of websites

The Mankent Company works with many companies which develop websites. Websites should definitely be localized if they target viewers outside the Russian speaking audience, even more so other countries.

For instance, over 50 % of customers refuse to buy goods they need simply because they cannot read in another language. These are huge figures in any sphere of business. Solution to this problem and an increase in indicators is quite simple – the website should be translated into the language of the customer.

Here one has to realize that clients’ tastes differ greatly. Some like more expanded websites filled with information. Others, on the contrary, prefer to minimize the text section making emphasis on infographics. There is a huge choice. One has to find a version which will suit the client.

In the modern world, your website will tell virtually everything about your company, introduce you in absence to, perhaps, your future partner. Therefore it should be skillfully translated. You need to send a clear message as early as in the first stage and raise interest in and desire to cooperate with your company.

Just the translation itself will hardly be able to fully reflect the idea of clear understanding of the website. One has to put efforts to ensure that a person accurately understands all information and your message reaches the addressee.

We are ready to help and offer you:

  • translation practically into any language of the world;
  • business – adaptation of the content to realities of this particular market;
  • localization of graphic design, multimedia;
  • checking whether or not the website properly performs in the required territory;

In other words we take on localization of your website and full translation taking into consideration all the linguistic and marketing aspects of the content. We also translate queries, navigation system and program code.

By contacting the Mankent translation bureau, you can place a single order to translate your website and make our cooperation long-term. This is useful because each time the website is updated new changes will be translated. Your clients will always be alert to news of your company.

It does not matter at all which sphere you work in. The Mankent Company can select professionals, who will do an all-round analysis of the translation to ensure its technical part and marketing sphere are correct.

There is another quite strong reason to seek our company’s assistance. We live in Kazakhstan, a unique multiethnic country. Here many representatives of various ethnicities live in peace and harmony. There is the state language in which all the paperwork is conducted in all spheres of the country’s life. There is also a language which majority of the population speaks. Without the Russian language it is very difficult to set up a website that would give accurate information so that greater number of users could understand it. Therefore currently practically all companies set up their websites at least in two languages. Our employees understand this phenomenon and cope with this task perfectly well.

We would like to add that the Mankent Company will also provide you the services for setting up a website.