Car industry

Translations in this field are quite interesting. In addition to its accuracy, translation should portray certain images which will inspire one to do shopping. The Mankent Company is always happy to help representatives of car industry enter new markets, establish a firm foothold there and win their customers.

We offer the full translation of the technical part of marketing documents. Any catalogues, training manuals and technical specifications will be translated and adapted to the market which the new company is entering.

Documents given for translation can conditionally be divided into groups.

  • Full set of vehicle documents;
  • Maintenance manual of vehicles and road building machinery;
  • Vehicle log books;
  • Engineering materials for operation and maintenance;
  • Various catalogues, collections of operation, maintenance and repairs manuals;
  • Maintenance documents;
  • Regulatory documents;
  • Reference books on emergency services;
  • Training materials;
  • Marketing and promotion products;
  • Other documentation.

Work experience in this field guarantees quick and good quality work and gives another reason to contact the Mankent Company seeking its translation services. We value it very much.

We are always happy to support local producers and offer our translation services for foreign investors.