Legal and financial translation

The Mankent translation agency focuses on technical translations, which, of course, does not mean that we do not work in other subject areas.

All activities are strictly regulated and supported by packages of legal and economic documentation.

Our company provides a full linguistic servicing for projects, meaning that we translate enclosed documents from other fields as well.

We are aware that any mistake in those documents can have serious legal consequences. That is why we have a group of people with excellent language skills and in-depth juridical knowledge who deal with financial and legal documents exclusively. All paperwork is done strictly in line with global standards.

Documents we translate include:

  • Agreements and contracts;
  • licence agreements;
  • Investment and consulting projects;
  • various reports;
  • other types of similar documentation.

We use a variety of tools, including modern technologies, in our work. When translating legal documentation, we give our partners great advantages, such as precise consistency of the terminology and style used in translating documents of similar type.

Given the unique importance of this type of translation, each project gets double-checked at every phase. Ensuring strict confidentiality is especially important in this sphere of translation. And of course the Mankent translation agency follows this rule.