Translations in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals require in-depth expertise in this sphere. Perhaps it is here where we come across many special terminologies and names. One should remember that only in this sphere one can come across the biggest number of languages. Translations involve many languages of the world, but there is one language that is almost exclusively used in the sphere of medicine. It is Latin which not a single nation speaks.

The Mankent Company has wide experience in the field of medical translations, mainly in the following areas:

  • Pharmaceuticals;
  • specialized medical equipment;
  • healthcare;
  • biotechnology;
  • clinical and diagnostic researches.

Translation in medicine and its sectors, particularly in pharmacy, is practically unfeasible without linguistic consulting. It is vital to translate and use right terminology in a given situation. Like in other areas, translators are familiar with this special field, but they work with experienced consultants.

Veterinary is a separate area in this sphere. Here one has to take into account all aspects we follow when translating documents in this sphere.

We translate:

  • protocols of clinical researches and reports;
  • research documentation;
  • description of medications;
  • all kinds of reports;
  • instructions and inserts on the use of drugs and medical equipment;
  • reference materials;
  • medical cards, hospital discharge reports, medical records;
  • marketing materials.

Surely one should not forget about training materials in this sphere. When doing such translations, it is important that the end product is stylistically correct and adapted to make sure that it will be easily accessible for the targeted audience.

In this regard one can mention the following translations:

  • articles in specialized magazines;
  • training manuals, reference books;
  • theses, synopses, reports;
  • medical news.

In-depth knowledge of the field being translated ensures excellent quality of our work. Partner companies repeatedly contacted us to get their products translated.