The Mankent Company closely monitors the quality of services it provides. At each stage the work is checked to ensure there are no mistakes.

We have introduced the quality management system, which meets all the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2001. However, despite the certified system, we continue to study and apply new technologies.

For each language, we have several dedicated staff members. And these very staff members can translate into another language too. The team composition is very important for us.

Before starting the work, the text is always analyzed, and working with the team of highly skilled translators, problems which arise are quickly resolved. Once it is translated, the file is proofread, and if there is a need, edited. Thus, the final product does not have defects. If the client decides to amend or improve something, we will do that as well.

Apart from the tested methods we have been using, we are introducing new processes which improve the results. We are proud that our partners are pleased with cooperation with us. We see the fruits of our work.